If you are building a playground at your church Craig Faitel, founder of Safe 2 Play, is the person you want to get in touch with right away!


Safe 2 Play is certified in playground safety inspection & impact testing for sports fields. They use state of the art equipment such as the Triax 2015 and A Missile, as well as additional gauges and probes needed to perform certified testing for ASTM and CPSC. 


Craig specializes in playground design, safety surface impact testing, ASTM and CPSC regulations, physical fitness, and problem solving. He is just the guy you'll want to collaborate with in your playground and sports field safety designs, and is a huge help in identifying exposures for potential property and liability accidents.


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Capital Live Scan is founded by Officer Jeff Schweig, and is one of the largest Live Scan providers in the State of California. They specialize in helping smaller organizations such as churches navigate the complex world of background checks and DOJ compliance.


Their dedicated local staff helps by answering any questions about the live scan process and even assists in scheduling live scan events at your church in order to process larger groups all at once.


Capital Live Scan also offers an online portal to streamline the live scan process and expedite background check completion. The online portal allows church administration to quickly clear parents and volunteers to be a part of the church community with ease by being able to monitor those who have and have not completed the clearance process.

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Sergeant Ryan Sanchez founded Crisis Management Solutions as a response to the many school and church shootings that have occurred over the years.  He has been in Law Enforcement for the past 22 years and was a School Resource Officer for eight years.  


Through CMS, Ryan has been providing active shooter / threat training to K-12 schools, colleges, shopping malls, churches, community organizations and businesses for the past ten years and has been certified by the Department of Homeland Security as an Active Shooter Threat Instructor.  


He has attended countless active shooter training courses and debriefs.  Ryan is a tactics instructor for sworn law enforcement officers specializing in Active Shooter Response for single and multiple officers.  Ryan is also an Assistant Team Leader for the East County Tactical Team as a Hostage Negotiator. 

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CSBC Insurance Services, LLC

Max Herr has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to insurance. He is the manager of CSBC Insurance Services, LLC, based in Fresno, California, and is the Ministry Specialist for Human Resources & Church Compliance for the California Southern Baptist Convention!


Max has been continuously licensed as a Life & Health insurance producer since 1997, as a Property & Casualty Broker-Agent since 1998, and a Life & Disability Insurance Analyst since 2012.  He was also a FINRA Registered Representative from 1997 to 2007.  Max also serves on the California Department of Insurance Curriculum Board, having been appointed by the Insurance Commissioner as a subject matter expert representing agents and brokers in January 2014.


In addition to his HR and church compliance expertise, Max possesses expert knowledge of life and health insurance, including annuities and disability and long-term care insurance, as well as all Medicare Supplement insurance and Medicare Advantage health plans, and all manner of retirement and employee benefit plans for individuals and churches.

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human resources


Tiffany Henning has worked in Human Resources for 13 years, 8 of those years helping churches with their HR compliance and staff pain points. She has often seen passionate, hard-working, well intentioned ministry staff getting burned out. When things aren’t right with the staff internally, it reflects externally and people are driven away from ministry, the church, and even God.


She is PHR (Professional Human Resource) and CRPC (Chartered Retirement Professional Counselor) certified. Tiffany created a non-profit HR Network called HR Ministry Solutions to help simplify HR compliance and staff pain points for churches and ministries. This allows their culture to be healthy and sustainable! She finally moved full time into my role of Chief People Person of HR Ministry Solutions, and is confident that this is where God called her to be.

Since founding HR Ministry Solutions, she has helped many ministries with HR compliance, labor law, and staff issues. Many faith-based organizations will put HR and staff issues on the back burner because their plate is already full with trying to fund and grow their ministry. She ensures that doesn’t happen!

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